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O2 for U

 O2 for U, Inc.,"Unmatched quality, service
and savings to the medical industry." 

Why O2 for U, Inc.


O2 for U, Inc. is a privately held company providing a full range of medical gases and equipment to Hospitals, Dental, Surgical facilities, Veterinary Hospitals, and EMT facilities. Additionally, we provide superior product and service to the home healthcare industry servicing Central and Eastern Oklahoma. Unlike other industrial welding supply companies, O2 for U, Inc. is a medical gas and equipment service company focused solely on the needs of medical facilities and is committed to raising the bar for service. As an FDA facility, we are certified and maintain the highest levels of quality assurance and safety. O2 for U, Inc. understands there are times of unforeseen demand for medical gas, and because of this, we provide personalized attention to each of our clients. Lastly, and most importantly we always exhibit the necessary “sense of urgency” in providing:

  • Quick turnaround on orders
  • Clean, adhesive-free cylinders
  • Detailed tracking of customer’s empty cylinders throughout filling, testing and return cycle enabling the specific cylinders to be returned to the customer (customer receives their own tanks in return as opposed to suppliers commonly mixing their cylinders up and sending them competitors tanks)
  • Accurate and simplistic billing (e.g. no miscellaneous fees, fuel surcharge, product surcharge, hazmat fees, etc.) 
  • Personalized deliveries to meet customer demand
  • Full line distributor of regulators, hoses, fittings and support hardware for all medical markets